How to Communicate with PowerPoint

Invaluable Ideas to Make Your Strategies Sing

Nearly everyone has used or seen a PowerPoint presentation at some point in their career, but not all of those presentations have truly gotten across the message they were trying to communicate. What if you could use PowerPoint to create presentations that really stood out and could make more of an impact?

In this workshop, you will learn skills that will help you be a better presenter to both large and small audiences. This workshop will be presented by Rex Castle, Director of Interactive Content at Tyler Technologies. Rex also has written a book on presenting, titled “Why not WOW?” and has a wide range of presentation experiences.

This workshop will go beyond “how to boldface,” or “how to design master pages” and instead explore “how to communicate with PowerPoint.”


Rex Castle Director of Interactive Content, Tyler Technologies


June 19


1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


$65; Special rate for VCL Agency Partners – $50


VCL Conference Room

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