A Great Partnership and Alliance

Angie Alspaugh – November 2015

After being a therapist for 25 years, Angie Alspaugh knows just how therapeutic horses can be.

“My husband and I don’t have children, we’ve always had animals. It seems that we are just a magnet for anything that is lost, injured or down on its luck,” Angie told us laughingly.

That magnetism eventually resulted in Easy R Equine, a haven for both horses and people. “We wanted to do something where we used horses to minister,” Angie said. But more than that, Angie wanted a place that people could come and find peace of mind. “While we have rest for our horses, it is a peaceful place for people, as well.”

After a while, Angie and her husband decided to take a formal approach to rescuing horses by registering as a nonprofit. ”The Volunteer Center gave me our grant writer’s name and I don’t know if I would’ve known how to start without her help.”

The VCL also helped Angie reach out to volunteers in the community. Within 24 hours of contacting us, Angie received so many calls and emails from interested volunteers who wanted to get involved with Easy R.

Angie says there is nothing like seeing a child overcome their fears and work with the horses. “There’s always an increase in confidence and a sense of accomplishment because the children might have been scared but they did it anyway.”

From pulling weeds to repairing and replacing the fence, Easy R Equine is always in need of a helping hand from everyone, not only those interested in horses. “We have people come who don’t have any experience with horses, and they are more than happy to do the manual labor.”

Angie remembers the difficulty of starting out and how grateful she was for the Volunteer Center of Lubbock reaching out to volunteers and getting them plugged in. “It has been a great partnership and alliance.”

We agree. Great partnerships make all the difference. We couldn’t do what we do without people like Angie and organizations like Easy R.

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