A Profound Impact



In 2017, the Volunteer Center had the opportunity to help over 25,000 adult volunteers get more engaged in our community. Mohammed is one of those incredible volunteers.

Mohammed first moved to Lubbock to join the Master’s program in Applied Linguistics at Texas Tech University. He grew up learning Islamic teachings, which gave him a desire to serve. However, moving to a new community made it harder to find opportunities to connect with those in need. As part of his education, he attended an ESL (English as a Second Language) course where Paris Wright’s presentation about the Volunteer Center of Lubbock made a significant impact on him. The opportunities offered through the Volunteer Center and the ease of connecting with local agencies through GetConnected finally gave Mohammed the tools he needed to engage in his new community in a meaningful way.

The first volunteer connection he made through the Volunteer Center was with the American Cancer Society (ACC). He has spent two years assisting patients with transportation to medical appointments, talking with men and women who are struggling to survive their disease and helping them with the basic tasks of daily life that can feel so overwhelming when illness strikes. Mohammed will always remember the first woman he connected with at the ACC. Talking with her was like meeting an old friend, and his wife and young son could see the profound impact that connecting with others made in Mohammed’s life each time he came home.

Mohammed would browse the Volunteer Center’s website frequently, looking for more opportunities to give his time. He came across opportunities for Meals on Wheels and reading about their program always touched his heart. As Mohammed and his wife drove past their facility last year, he made the sudden decision to stop and go inside. He has since experienced great joy in delivering hearty meals to those in need. He talked about especially being inspired by the number of older men and women that volunteer with the Meals on Wheels organization. He is continually motivated by their boundless energy and selflessness to do his part to care for the people in his community that are less fortunate.

Recently, Mohammed has taken steps to start a Saudi Student Association at the university. Part of their new organization’s mission is to connect Saudi Arabian students in Lubbock with opportunities for engagement. Mohammed now serves as their Volunteer Coordinator. It is incredible to see him now impacting and leading others who want to make a difference. The Volunteer Center’s vision to transform the world by cultivating volunteers and enabling leaders truly comes to life through Mohammed. He sees unlimited possibilities for the Volunteer Center to serve the South Plains community, and fervently hopes to always have opportunities to get involved wherever he calls home.

For more information on how to impact those in need, give us a call at (806) 747-0551 or visit our GetConnected website to find available volunteer opportunities.

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