The From the Heart Mural – September 2016

Over the summer, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with one of our agency partners, the Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP) and two of their artists in residence, Isadora Stowe, and Alberto Careaga. If you spend much time with any of our staff, you will know we love beauty and art. Walk into the hallways of the Volunteer Center, and you will discover our gallery of photographs – photos of people volunteering, engaging in leadership programs, and interacting with the community.

The idea for the mural started with a simple wooden fence. Where others saw a practical addition to the building, we saw a blank canvas. So Service Coordinator Paris Wright connected with the team at CASP and asked them to help us fill the canvas.

As we walked through the design phase, the preparation work, and, finally, the actual painting, we learned a lot about what it means to collaborate with another organization. There’s a lot of back-and-forth, some conflict, some clarification, and a whole lot of impact. We knew we wanted our From the Heart family volunteers to help paint the mural, so it needed to be something simple that many people could help with. We also wanted a design that didn’t just represent the Volunteer Center but also represented the other agencies who share the building and the Lubbock Area United Way who owns it. The mural needed to be something we could share with the community. From our initial discussions, Isadora and Alberto came up with a concept themed around hands coming together.

On July 29th, From the Heart families, CASP, and the Volunteer Center came together to make the mural a reality. The results were a few painted kids and a beautiful mural that says so much about us and about the community around us.

Collaboration is incredibly important to build a thriving community. It is important to the Volunteer Center’s impact and important to the South Plains.

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