Discovering a Desire to Serve

Yvette Hinojosa - August 2016

Every first and third Friday of the month, Yvette Hinojosa and her office staff at UMC Physicians Network Services are driving around town delivering food with Meals on Wheels. The bimonthly route has become part of their office culture.

Yvette decided she wanted to share that culture of service with her kids, so she invited her teenage son, Jacob to join her. He was skeptical at first but agreed to go along.

As Jacob rode around with his mother, he was shocked to discover there are people on the South Plains who go hungry unless someone helps them access food. He decided he wanted to do something about it. Not only did Jacob want to help again, but he actually wanted to get his own route and deliver meals on a regular basis with his friends. It was exactly what Yvette hoped he would discover – the need and the desire to serve.

“That’s what I wanted to hear because he actually saw the need,” Yvette said. “I think once you see it and actually understand not everybody gets to live the way you do, you start to feel that compassion for other people and you do want to give back.”

At the time, Jacob and his friends weren’t quite old enough to drive their own route for Meals on Wheels, but you better believe he helped where he could and made a big difference as he went.

Service connects people to their purpose in the community. It creates that culture in office spaces, schools, and in the community as a whole.


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