Reaching the Community’s Potential

Eric Strong - August 2016

When director Eric Strong thinks back to the establishment and growth of the Roots Historical Arts Society, he remembers how challenging and gratifying it all was. “It has been very difficult but also a very rewarding experience,” Eric said.

Eric finds purpose in helping to improve East Lubbock and has spent his life trying to do so. “I think Lubbock is a community with so much potential,” Eric said, “and when I think of East Lubbock I think of a community that has a lot of misperceptions.”

This was the driving force behind the establishment of Roots. With a vision of revitalizing the community, the organization brings hope to the community through art and culture. Eric hopes and believes art will help restore East Lubbock to a thriving community. “Arts and culture can transform lives and that is our goal,” Eric said.

We’ve been a fan of Eric Strong and his impact in the community for a long time. He first remembers meeting Sharon Bass, executive director at the Volunteer Center of Lubbock, and collaborating with her through the Volunteer Center’s leadership programs. “The reason I am so fond of The Volunteer Center is because of Sharon Bass. I don’t know how I met her but I knew and saw the hope and spirit that radiates from her and knew she was a good person.” Eric says the connection between him and Sharon was the first step towards establishing diversity and leadership in the Lubbock community.

Since Eric first got involved, he has been a great supporter and champion for the Volunteer Center of Lubbock. “The outreach that’s done at the Volunteer Center, I can see it expanding and becoming a national model for what volunteers can do,” Eric said. “My partnership with the Volunteer Center has been a wise investment and I can really see the difference they make in their community.”

We’re incredibly grateful to the many people who champion our impact in so many ways. It is because of Eric Strong and people like him that the Volunteer Center is able to make a difference. Eric’s incredible commitment to the community makes him one of our role models. We can’t help but be inspired.

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