The Perfect Volunteer

Dr. Carmyn Morrow - August 2015

There is no perfect time to start volunteering. You just have to start.

That’s what Dr. Carmyn Morrow did following her retirement from teaching Clothing and Textiles at Texas Tech University.

“I needed something to do with my time,” but more than something to do, Carmyn wanted something worthwhile. So she started volunteering with Literacy Lubbock, tutoring students wanting to receive their GED. “I enjoy the one-on-one teaching,” Carmyn explained, “I started off teaching all of the subjects, but eventually decided I only wanted to teach math. So that’s what I do.”

Carmyn was initially surprised by how many people struggled to do everyday math. “They do not understand how it all works or they simply do not appreciate its importance for things like money and tasks around the house. They lack such knowledge and end up struggling as a result.”

From Tutoring to Leadership

Eventually, Carmyn was asked to serve on Literacy Lubbock’s board of directors. “Dr. Carmyn Morrow is the perfect volunteer,” the agency’s executive director Lynda Dutton told us, “She is an excellent board member, a highly effective teacher, a compassionate mentor to both our adult learners and our staff team, and an ardent fundraising resource for our agency – all compactly packaged into one wonderful woman of great strength and compassion, intrepid courage and determination, amazing brilliance veiled with humility, and a revered commitment to Literacy Lubbock, which we consider pure gold.”

I Enjoy People

But Carmyn’s commitment to serve others goes far beyond what she does for Literacy Lubbock.

“I enjoy people!” she laughingly told us. Her enjoyment may be most evident on Sunday mornings when she moves about the church pews greeting as many people as possible, especially looking for any visitors in the crowd. Carmyn says she wants to make sure everyone feels welcome and important. She also quilts both on her own for her friends and family and as part of a church quilting mission. The mission was started to make quilts for church members going through illnesses and other hard times. It’s a service opportunity that allows Carmyn to use her skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

Beyond her own commitment, she is always encouraging her retired friends to get out and volunteer. “I ask them, ‘Don’t you want to do something?’ Come and volunteer.”

Dr. Carmyn Morrow is a woman who isn’t finished yet. “I’ve had an enjoyable career, and I’m still enjoying it,” she says, speaking of her volunteer activities. She plans to spend every minute she can making a difference, living out purpose, and empowering others to join her. As Lynda says, “Dr. Carmyn Morrow is a great energizer, a marvelous motivator, and…an immense personal joy.”

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