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Making an Impact at Eight Years Old

Sophia Herrera may only be eight years old, but that does not stop her from impacting our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sofia went to work. She began making cards to pass out to first responders to help them get through their busy, stressful days.

Sophia informed Lubbock Youth Leadership Academy about wanting to make cards of encouragement for frontline workers, and they provided her with cardstock and markers to get started. Eventually, her efforts turned into more than cardstock and markers.

First, she enlisted family members to assist her in her efforts. Then, she began utilizing her own resources to make the cards extra special. From ribbons, silk flowers, stickers, and bookmarks, she wanted to make sure that first-line workers knew how much she appreciated them. However, she did not stop there.

From cards came mason jars filled with thoughtful crafts and projects. Then, she expanded the recipients of her special gifts to teachers, patients in the hospital, firefighters, and other community helpers.

Lubbock Youth Leadership Academy would deliver Sophia’s special treats on her behalf to ensure her safety during the coronavirus pandemic. However, they have assured her that her gifts have been immensely appreciated by all who receive them.

Sophia’s love for others is apparent to everyone who meets her. “She has the true heart of an exceptional volunteer as she is intrinsically inspired and puts in the time of service with no recognition or accolades. She is a shining example of kindness, love, and compassion to all!” said Marty Groves, the Executive Youth Coordinator at LYLA.

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock loves to see youth in the community wanting to make a difference. We loved celebrating the work Sophia has done in our community at our 25th Cornucopia Luncheon. Sofia was a recipient of a Youth Individual ‘Get Involved’ award.

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock encourages children and their families to get involved in the community. Families can find resources to help them do so on the Volunteer Center’s “Get Connected” page.

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