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27th Annual Cornucopia Luncheon


The Cornucopia Luncheon is an event to celebrate a culture of service throughout the South Plains by recognizing outstanding volunteers with a Get Involved Award. It is a day full of inspiration, motivation, and celebration.
Thank you for everyone who celebrated with us at the 27th Annual Cornucopia Luncheon!

2023 Get Involved Award Honorees

Adult Individual

Raquel Gonzales

Raquel Gonzales is a true inspiration with an unwavering passion for volunteering and serving her community. With boundless support and a warm smile, she reaches out individually, going far and wide to find resources for others to succeed. Her dedication extends to mentoring and leading various organizations, serving on multiple boards and committees in Lubbock. Notably, she has been nominated for the "Phenomenal Women of Texas Tech" Award, a testament to her impact. Whether supporting youth programs like Viva Aztlan, Salvation Army, or YWCA, or fostering community bonds through networking and events, Raquel's love for the Lubbock community shines through. Raquel is taking a non-traditional route studying Management and she hopes to empower others to embrace their unique paths and succeed on their terms. Through her self-education and strategic planning, she unleashes the potential of individuals, creating opportunities for growth and belonging. With her servant's heart and unwavering dedication, Raquel Gonzales is one of two Adult Individual Get Involved Award honorees this year!
College individual

Kelan Lawson

Meet our College Individual Get Involved Award Honoree, Kelan Lawson! Kelan's remarkable journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite the challenges posed by a stroke, Kelan's unwavering commitment shines through as he volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club. Kelan wholeheartedly embraced volunteer responsibilities, endearing himself to both children and staff. His dedication continued, spanning semesters and even into summer camp, where he volunteered daily, even surprising colleagues with treats despite his physical challenges. Kelan's unyielding spirit not only sets an example of determination for the children he interacts with but also leaves a profound impact on everyone he encounters.
Louise Cummins Outstanding Agency

St. Benedict's Chapel

St. Benedict's Chapel is a compassionate force in Lubbock dedicated to supporting those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. Since 2007, they've been a beacon of nourishment and spiritual guidance, serving daily meals through the dedication of volunteers from ten churches and a steadfast staff.
From their origins of 180-250 meals per day, their impact has surged to an average of 400, often surpassing 500. Beyond meals, they extend solace and support, offering assistance with documentation, medical attention, and referrals.
Their unyielding commitment to eradicating hunger and addressing diverse needs is why they are the 2023 Louise Cummins Outstanding Agency!

Jim and Evelyn Winn

Meet our "Family" honorees of the Get Involved Awards! Jim and Evelyn are a dynamic volunteer duo, each leaving their mark on the South Plains. In their decade-long journey with the Volunteer Services Council, Jim's leadership as a Board President has sparked innovation, leading to impactful upgrades to their South Plains Fair booth. The collaborative endeavors of Jim and Evelyn as South Plains Fair committee chairmen resulted in an impressive $40,000 raised. Moreover, Jim's reinvigoration of the annual golf tournament, supported by Evelyn's diligent efforts in collecting door prizes, yielded approximately $30,000 and fostered vital local support. Their volunteerism, marked by compassion, patience, and fearless leadership, has left an indelible mark. Additionally, they serve as outstanding advocates for the Lubbock State Supported Living Center, where Evelyn worked in its early stages. They share their passion through education and hands-on involvement, embodying dedicated philanthropists. Jim and Evelyn's legacy resonates in their proactive problem-solving and commitment, leaving an enduring impact on their community.
Adult Individual

Lemuel Botha

Lemuel's journey as a volunteer with Big Brother Big Sisters spans over 4.5 years, during which he's brought an extraordinary touch to mentoring. What sets Lemuel apart is his remarkable generosity and unwavering willingness to dedicate time to others. This endeavor began during his college years when he signed up to be matched with a Little Brother. Their friendship has blossomed since 2018, and Lemuel's consistent presence has been vital to his Little's growth. Lemuel's ability to connect on a personal level shines through in their shared activities, from building robots to attending agency events and staying connected during challenging times. Beyond these experiences, Lemuel goes the extra mile by regularly checking in on his Little Brother's school, band, and overall well-being. The impact of their relationship hasn't gone unnoticed, as a parent shared, "I'm glad because they are well-matched. My son is smart and eccentric, and Lemuel always has good ideas for them to do together." Lemuel's commitment to making a difference truly stands out, making him our 2023 Get Involved Award Adult Individual honoree!
Adult Group

High Point Village Villagers

High Point Village is a true beacon of inspiration and belonging for adults with intellectual disabilities, empowering each individual to thrive. However, their impact doesn't end there. The incredible villagers are driven by an innate desire to give back to the community. Through their dedicated volunteering efforts with Lubbock Meals on Wheels, The Salvation Army, and Lubbock Impact, they spread love and kindness, touching the hearts of those they serve. The Village hosts a heartwarming annual gala, celebrating the villagers' accomplishments and showcasing their talents, making it a truly magical and inclusive community where everyone finds a sense of purpose and belonging. Because of their extraordinary spirit of service, the Villagers have been selected to receive this year’s Adult Group Get Involved Award.
Young Adult

Antrionette K Lewis

Antrionette Lewis, a dedicated community health worker, has made a significant impact since joining Catholic Charities in January 2023. Her primary role has been providing invaluable free diabetes education classes, offering invaluable knowledge and practical support to families.

Beyond diabetes education, she has spent many volunteer hours on the Family and Youth Success Program Parent Advisory Committee, contributing to the development of the Family Resource Center. Antrionette’s dedication also extends to the co-facilitation of family support programs, including book clubs, parenting workshops, youth camps, and parent cafes. She also serves on several community boards and is an active member of the Lubbock Women of the 100.

Her commitment to community service is a testament to her character and leadership. Antrionette is not only a dedicated volunteer but also a devoted mother, instilling the values of community service in her two children. Her belief in the transformative power of volunteering for personal growth and community betterment is truly inspiring.

Her dedication to both Catholic Charities and the broader community is why she is out 2023 Young Adult Get Involved Award recipient!

Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Lackey

Since 2009, Julie has been a driving force behind our community's volunteerism. As the Volunteer Coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club, she pioneered this vital role and transformed it into a cornerstone of their volunteer efforts.

Julie's dedication is shown through organizing events that engage volunteers, such as the Child Shopping Spree and the Jr. Golf Tournament. Her most remarkable achievement was spearheading the Spook House event for eight years, rallying volunteers from various backgrounds to make it a community staple. She managed teams of 50 to 75 volunteers each Saturday for a month before Halloween, ensuring its setup, operation, and takedown, earning her the nickname: "Spook House Queen".

Julie embodies the spirit of volunteerism, consistently going above and beyond the call of duty. Her passion for working with children and her relentless pursuit of excellence is why she is this year’s Volunteer Coordinator Get Involved Award Recipient!


Lubbock National Bank

Lubbock National Bank, an integral part of the Lubbock community since 1917, has consistently strived to contribute positively to various aspects of our vibrant city. Under the leadership of CEO, Eddie Schultz (pictured), their mission revolves around responding to community needs, emphasizing giving back to both individuals and nonprofits. LNB encourages its employees to actively engage in volunteer work throughout Lubbock, believing in the transformative power of corporate citizenship.

Over their remarkable 100-year-plus history, LNB's contributions, whether major or modest, have played a crucial role in enhancing the growth and well-being of our community. While they take pride in their involvement in significant projects like the Tornado Memorial and the UMC Cancer Center, it's the countless small contributions that have left a lasting impact on countless lives, demonstrating the true essence of community service.

As they receive the 2023 Business Get Involved Award from the Volunteer Center, LNB expresses sincere gratitude and reaffirms their unwavering commitment to serving the Lubbock community.

College Group

College Panhellenic Council

Meet our 2023 College Group Get Involved Award honorees, the Texas Tech University College Panhellenic Council. Over the past two years, they have played a significant role in supporting the Rainbow Room, a vital resource for children, youth, and families involved with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

The Rainbow Room operates around the clock, stocked with emergency supplies, and works closely with caseworkers to serve 1,200 children and 725 families annually. For two consecutive years, the Texas Tech University Panhellenic has organized donation drives, including a hygiene drive and a birthday party supply drive.

These efforts have had a profound impact, providing children and families with crucial items during their times of need. Notably, the birthday party supplies have allowed children to celebrate their special day with a cake, a luxury they might not have enjoyed otherwise due to limited financial resources.

The Panhellenic Council's generosity and dedication to uplifting our community has not only met immediate needs but also enabled the essential work of Rainbow Room. This great work is why they are our 2023 College Group Get Involved Award honorees!

Ray J. Diekemper Lifetime of Service

Karin McCay and Abner Euresti

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock is thrilled to recognize and celebrate Karin McCay and Abner Euresti, the recipients of the Ray J. Diekemper Lifetime of Service Award. For over four decades, these cherished figures have been more than just familiar faces on our television screens; they've been instrumental in shaping the heart of Lubbock, Texas.

As the longest-running anchor team in the nation, Karin and Abner's dedication to our community runs deep. Their outstanding commitment extends beyond journalism, reaching a pinnacle of service in their extraordinary work for the UMC Children's Hospital's Children's Miracle Network Celebration Broadcast. Since 1983, they've passionately served as ambassadors for this vital cause. The transformative funds they've helped raise over 40 years have significantly enhanced children's healthcare across the region.

They've seen miracle kids grow, attended their milestone moments, and provided unwavering support to families in times of joy and sorrow. Their involvement goes far beyond the broadcast, as they've woven themselves into the very fabric of the families they've touched. Karin and Abner's legacy is not just one of media excellence, but a lifetime dedicated to building a more vibrant, caring, and resilient Lubbock community.

Youth Individual

Aiden Obando

Aiden Obando, our Youth Individual Get Involved Award honoree, has brought a burst of creativity and unwavering commitment to the Lubbock arts community since the spring of 2023. His dependable and responsible nature, coupled with a vibrant imagination, has made Aiden an indispensable asset to LHUCA. He generously shares his time and talents by volunteering for LHUCA's Creative Camps, where he imparts his skills in piano, acting, and vocals to young students aged 6-12. Aiden's influence extends far beyond his volunteering roles; he embodies the bright future of Lubbock's arts community. We're deeply grateful to have Aiden on board, and he shines as a beacon of inspiration and dedication. Congratulations, Aiden, on this well-deserved recognition!
Youth Group

Lubbock Optimist BGC Torch Club

Lubbock Optimist BGC Torch Club, our Youth Group Get Involved Award honorees, are a spirited and proactive team of young volunteers. Over the past 25 weeks, they've dedicated 3 hours each week to combat food shortages in our community, wholeheartedly supporting the South Plains Food Bank and the Apple Orchard. Through food drives and hands-on work, they've made a significant impact.

Their passion for service isn't confined to the community; they also contribute to the betterment of their own club. They manage concession stands, aid in developing activities for younger members, and play a pivotal role in upholding club rules and ethics. Setting up and dismantling club sporting events is just one of the many ways they assist.

Their dedication is evident through the achievement of several members who've reached 100 community service hours and earned their Letterman Volunteer BGC Jacket. We wholeheartedly recognize Lubbock Optimist BGC Torch Club for their extraordinary commitment to service and their lasting impact on our community.