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The spirit of giving can be found just about everywhere. For Beth Bridges, it appeared when she first started her career with the Lubbock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. The nature of those organizations allowed Beth to connect to the world of service. 


Through her position with the Lubbock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Beth was able to volunteer and direct volunteer opportunities for the community. “Seeing so many wonderful volunteers that I worked with and their impact was very insightful and inspiring,” said Beth. From there, Beth has made giving back a priority in life.


Beth’s journey as a volunteer has guided her into numerous positions at multiple organizations. For instance, Beth has served on Boards for organizations like the Junior League of Lubbock, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Center of Lubbock, and Women’s Protective Services. Currently, she serves as a trustee for the Lubbock Independent School District. 


“I like having a variety of things to do. I like being able to step into those leadership positions and get my hands into the weeds, but also help lead others into that area,” said Beth. She encourages others to give back to the community because of how volunteering has affected her. “With every volunteer experience that I have had, I learn and I hope that I improve,” said Beth. 


Beth’s advice to anyone just now starting their volunteer career is, “this is going to impact you. Not only because of what you are doing out in the community…but because you will learn so much.” Every volunteer activity that Beth has participated in has led her to grow as a person, no matter what it was. 


Beth would like people in the community to know, “When you have volunteer roles or leadership roles, you are not only sharpening yourself but you are able to impact others.” We can all learn from Beth and her involvement. Throughout her career, Beth has continuously stepped up to the plate and worked hard to improve the community that she holds dear to her heart. 


The Volunteer Center of Lubbock loved celebrating Beth Bridges as a 2021 Adult recipient of a ‘Get Involved’ Award at our 25th Annual Cornucopia Luncheon. We encourage anyone interested in getting active in the community to look for volunteer opportunities on our Get Connected page. Like Beth has said, “When you can, say yes,” to helping the community. 

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