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H-E-B centers around the values of service, heart, innovation, commitment, drive and community. Their mission is to improve people’s lives- by providing quality food, volunteering at local nonprofits, and showing up in times of need. Garrett Stauder is a Store Manager at a local Lubbock H-E-B and loves seeing how he and his coworkers can create meaningful impact through service. He shares, “We sell groceries so that we can continue to invest and grow in our communities and serve others. Now more than ever, all of us need to be able to come together and support each other, investing in our community.”

Aside from being a staple business in Texas and the South Plains, H-E-B makes the extra effort to build meaningful connections with the people in the areas that they serve. A motto on their website says, “Giving back to the community is our way of saying thanks! We make it a priority to get involved and make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors.” One tangible example of this commitment to generosity is a monthly produce truckload donation to South Plains Food Bank that is guaranteed “for life”.

Many H-E-B employees serve on boards and committees, and volunteer through company-organized opportunities. For example, Katie Crump worked with H-E-B volunteers at High Point Village, which is a local community where individuals with intellectual disabilities can live, learn, work, worship, and achieve their full potential. She says, “Their employees did everything from organizing our pantry, sweeping our floors, but most importantly, they built connections with our Villagers. Their employees were only here a few days before they knew every Villager’s name.”

Serving together provides a unique opportunity for employees to grow personally, connect with others, and share their good. Garrett Stauder shares, “It’s not just about what we do; it’s about the people we bring along with us that add even more support throughout our community and other nonprofits.”

You can watch an inspiring interview with Garrett on our Youtube channel at Valuing Service with H-E-B

H-E-B received this year’s Business ‘Get Involved’ award at our annual Cornucopia Luncheon for their culture of compassion and service. The Volunteer Center of Lubbock loves to celebrate the inspirational individuals and groups throughout our community, and H-E-B exemplifies how a business can make a difference through large and small acts of generosity.

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